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Press Release of the Popular Presidential Majority, PPM , 08/11/2016


    Dear guests,
    Dear friends of the press ,
    Ladies and gentlemen,
    In the name of the political office of the PPM , I would like to thank you for your presence at this activity of the political platform under the president Eugene Diomi Ndongala’ s leadership.                                  .
    Evaluation of the political manifestations of the opposition Gathering
    The Popular Presidential Majority, as a signatory of the Act of commitment of Genval,
    which is the political founding document of the gathering of the Congolese political
    opposition, would like to express its joy for the the massive mobilization of the
    congolese people during the first two political manifestations that were organized on the ground by the largest coalition of Congolese political platforms, which is known as the gathering of the opposition.
    – The massive and delirious reception that the congolese have reserved on the
    07/27/2016 to S.E Etienne Tshisekedi Wa Mulumba, President of Council of Elders in
    charged of the gathering
    The great success of the popular political meeting of the 07/31/2016, that was
    organized by the gathering and led by S.E Etienne Tshiesekedi Wa Mulumba.
    This two popular events have mobilized millions of Congolese , who have expressed
    their support to both the united congolese political opposition and its demands.
    As the political and ideological precursor of the gathering, the PPM wanted to mark, by
    its massive and noticeable presence during the event of the gathering, its attachment to
    the new spirit who has animated the congolese political opposition.
    In fact, since april 2012, the Popular Presidential majority has invited the Congolese
    political class to united around the moral authority of S.E Etienne Tshisekedi , in order
    to constitute a progressive bloc that would be able to reform the Congolese politic
    toward the true aspirations of the population.
    In face of this historical, political and ideological continuity , the PPM rejoices that the
    seeds sown by the personal sacrifices of his spokesman and founder Eugene Diomi
    Ndongala could produce the results that will finally benefit the Congolese population .
  • Since january 2012 , Eugene diomi Ndongala , already at the head of one of the 3
    platforms that had supported Etienne Tshisekedi in the presidential election, has not
    ceased to claim the victory of Etienne Tshisekedi in the presidential election as well as the truth of the polls that was violated during the electoral hold – up of 2011.
    Despite the massive vote of the congolese population of kinshasa in his favor.
    The consistency of Diomi was absolute. Following the slogan of president Tshisekedi
    and his personal conscience refused to sit in the National Assembly.
    As the “spreadhead” of the requirements of the truth of the polls , Eugenes Diomi
    Ndongala decided to launch an organization of peaceful political resistance named
    « Popular Presidential Majority or PPM ». The day before the official launch of this political platform, to which had already acceded dozens of political parties of the opposition, the Kabila regime organized a diversion, rising a false sex scandal against the president of the Christian Democracy, at the headquarters of the said party , which was occupied by the police and confiscated since 2012.
    Abducted and hold in secrete , despite his parliamentary statut in fonction , the president Eugene Diomi Ndongala was liberated after 3 months of physical and psychological tortures that were designed to silence him and above all to dissolve the PPM.
    Despite the physical and psychological damages caused by the mistreatment suffered, President Eugene Diomi Ndongala has pursued his battle within the PPM, to the point to become the object of a new arrestation that was followed by an impairment case accusing him of threatening the security of the states. The case was named “the case of imperium”.
    Restrained despite 3 orders of provisional release not executed, Diomi will be judged in the course of nocturnal hearings occurring behinds close doors,without any respect for the most basic standards of a fair trial: The challenged judges were held in place;
    the alleged victims were deprived of valid identity document claiming false identities
    (false father and mother);
    no factual evidence was exhibited against the Honorable Diomi .
    The trial ended without the accused being able to testify and the ability to pronounce
    their pleadings was denied to his lawyers.
    Thus , by a false trial null and void , Diomi was condemned , without any right of appeal nor respect for the rights of the defense, at 10 years of imprisonment.
    Additionally, the house of the the chamber of the supreme court that pronounced this
    political judgment, has headquarters in numbers of 5 judges, while the framework
    legislation on the Court of Cassation states that it should be composed of seven judges.
  • Despite requests in proper form introduced by the lawyers of the president Eugene Diomi Ndongala. The taking part of the judges who committed this crime of flagrant violation of the law , were never addressed by the supreme court
    a.This injustice and denial of justice due to a cold manipulation of the judicial apparatus
    for political purposes, brought Eugene diomi to introduce in October 2013 a complaint against the DRC,with the UN Human Rights Committee, for breach of International Covenant on civil and political rights. The complaint follows its course at the moment when we speak.
    Our duty of memory is needed in order to understand why Eugene Diomi Ndongala,
    National President of the Christian Democracy and spokesman of the Popular
    Presidential Majority (PPM) is not only “a political prisoner” of the Kabila regime, but also a leader of the opposition who has suffered a long and violent political harassment according to the textual expression unwed by the inter-parliamentary Union (IPU) in one of its many resolution concerning him.
    Certainly, the case of the political prisoner Eugene Diomi Ndongala is not the only
    example of the instrumentalization of justice for the purpose of political repression.
    In fact, the indictments of Christopher Ngoy, Jean Claude Muyamba, Makwambala Yves and Fred Bauma represent, with the one of Eugene Diomi Ndongala, the most
    emblematic case of the political repression exercised for years on the opposition and the civil society of Congo-Kinshasa.
    For this reasons , the PPM and Christian Democracy can only welcome the awareness
    both on the national and international level regarding the imperative necessity to release unconditionally the political prisoners of the DRC, because, as so aptly stated by the High Commissioner of the United Nations for human rights, Ra’ad Zeid Al-hussein, who was recently in visite at kinshasa, “They can be no dialogue in fear”.
    In February 2012, Eugene Diomi Ndongala was the first opposant to propose a political dialogue in order to resolve the legitimacy crisis consecutive to the chaotic and fraudulent election of 2011. While the Kabila regime is more surrounded by slogans than substances, he is praising intensely the benefits of a dialogue “on measure”.
    However, The power in place must first start to free the political prisoners, as claimed by the gathering ,The MPP, and DC in order to allow the dialogue to take place. The Release of Eugene Diomi Ndongala Nzomambu, the visionary precursor of the rallying of the opposition around Etienne Tshisekedi Wa Mulumba and thereby the spearhead of the claim of the truth of the polls, remains the first step toward a softening of the relation between the majority and the opposition and consequently toward a productif dialogue.
    The congolese population, by its massive and historical participation to the event of the opposition gathering on the 7/27/2016 and 07/31/2016, as concretely demonstrated both its maturity and support to the revendications of the gathering.
    The amended roadmap
  • In its constant ideology and history, the PPM would like to recall the remarkable work and high elaboration by the DC, the MPP, the UDPS, the G14 and the civil society before the establishment of the gathering aimed to establish the context, objectives and structure of a true dialogue carrier of solutions for the serious political crisis in the DRC.
    This work of positive amendment of S.E Etienne Tshisekedi’s roadmap lead to the
    development of an amended roadmap providing a preparatory committee, the inclusion of civil society in the structure of the dialogue, and the definition of the fundamental
    objectives of this one. Also, it was claiming the prerequisites, which were later made his own by the gathering.
    More precisely:
    a.expanding the facilitation of international support group;
    b. the release of political prisoners before any dialogue.
    That is why, while reminding that the gathering of the political opposition is born from the hard struggles of political prisoners « phrase », the PPM would like to state its attachment to the vision of the dialogue projected by the UDPS and allies, because it is this vision that convinced the Congolese people and the International Community of the desirability of political dialogue according to the framework agreement of Addis Ababa and the UNSC 2277.
    Kabila and the electoral process
    The political office of the PPM has followed with preoccupation the recents declarations of M. Kabila in Ouganda, where he allegedly tried to shying away from the failure of the non-organization of general elections, charging the CENI for liability while announcing,as if it was his Personal competence and responsibility, the postponement of general elections, after reconstitution of the electoral file.
    In its contradictory mind, it is only after the constitution of the new file that the electoral calendar will be published by the CENI.
    It is, in effect, difficult to understand that a politician cheerfully disclaims any liability with respect to slippage of an electoral process, while announcing, in place of the national electoral commission, which is “independent », the procrastination of the publication of the electoral calendar in violation of the constitution, while the
    reconstruction of the file should be a step included in the overall electoral calendar.
    No to single party and its manifestations The PPM would like to remind to the movement in power, that the Arts 7 and 193 of the constitution formally prohibit the reconstruction of a single party, one of the mostnegative expressions was, at the age of Mobutu, by the politicization of officials and the military. Also it denounces the will of that movement to circumvent the art 220 of the  Constitution in order to extend the second and final term of Mr. Kabila.

    The security failure and subcontracting of national security to foreign armies
    The PPM protests against Mr. Kabila’s will to wanting to eternally entrust « outsource » the Congolese national security into the hands of foreign armies, as was the case last week, during his visit to Uganda, where he asked for the umpteenth time to the Ugandan forces to intervene militarily in the DRC in orde to put an end to the exactions of ADF rebels against the Congolese population of Beni and its surroundings. It should be stressed that after more than 15 years in power, Mr Kabila has not reformed the army nor the Congolese security services, to the point that they are henceforth essentially exploited to threaten civilians and the opposition rather than to defend the congolese population et its territory.
    With such a negative report, the Congolese are not ready to give a mandate extension to the tenant of the Palace of the Nation, which aims to perpetuate in power by force and violating the civil and political rights of the Congolese people.
    But the people have already spoken on 27.07.2016 and 07.31.2016. They said the
    following :
     That the Kabila regime must release its hostages who are the political prisoners, starting  with the first of them: Eugene Diomi Ndongala
    Truth and justice for the Congo
    The people first,
    for the Political Office for the Popular Presidential Majority, PPM,
    Prof. Jean Pierre Boka Kapella,
    Mr. Madi Mwana Emmanuel,
    Ms. Eugénie Tshiela Compton.


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