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His Excellency Ban Ki-moon Secretary-General of the United Nations New York,
New York 10117
CC: 12, Av des Aviateurs
MONUSCO Heatquarters Address   Kinshasa-Gombe   DR Congo

Kinshasa 22 August 2012

Subject: Arrest by Hyppolite Kanambe Alias “Joseph Kabila”’s police and Disappearance of the Honorable Eugene Ndongala Diomi Former Presidential candidate ’2006 election and Chairman of the Christian Democracy (CD).
Concerns: Your action to locate and release Honorable Eugene Diomi Ndongala

Mr. Secretary,

We believe that you have the tools at your disposal, as the Secretary General of the United Nations, based on your ideals of defending democracy around the globe, that lead us to make this request to you. We need your assistance in order to force the dictator who rules the Democratic Republic of Congo (DRC), namely Mr. “Joseph Kabila” to explain to the world the whereabouts of the Honorable Diomi Ndongala – missing since June 27, 2012 – just before the formal establishment of the political movement of opposition – the Popular Presidential Majority (MPP) 2 in recognition the electoral and presidential victory of Mr. Etienne Tshisekedi, as chairman of MPP.
Honorable Diomi Ndongala is an elected official and member of parliament who is protected under his parliamentary immunity. “Joseph Kabila” constantly violates the laws of the DRC and doesn’t respect the DRC’s constitution.

“Joseph Kabila” set up a shameless rape scenario in the hope of getting rid of a political opponent. The same scenario he used to justify the assassination of the human Rights activist and President of the “Voice of the Voiceless” –Floribert Chebeya and his chauffer Bazana– at the office of the Chief of the Congolese National Police4 (General John Numbi). After being murdered, Chebeya’s body was abandoned on the back seat of his car partially clothed, tens of kilometers away from downtown where he was killed, while Mr. Bazana body has never been found. They laid condoms in the car in the attempt to show that he had sex with a prostitute and who probably had killed him, a scheme that is so despicable, perverse and unimaginable.

Honorable Diomi Ndongala, who has not been seen since his disappearance, is accused by the government of « raping two underage sisters in his office ». A poor excuse intended to raise international awareness when we know that gang rape is associated with the Congo – where its intensity is unparalleled in the world. No one with good moral character can stand to request the release of an arrested rapist. But here, the accused (Ndongala Diomi) has not been seen nor heard from, so the charges are published without the accused individual being presented before justice so, that he can defend himself and face his accusers in the court of law.

The calls to produce the “accused” have gone unanswered.
These calls have emanated from Honorable Ndongala’s family5, from the members of his political party, from the Congolese political class, and especially from the Congolese Diaspora. Not one person believes these false accusations aimed at damaging the reputation of a leader of the political opposition.
Especially in light of the fact that Diomi Ndongala has been speaking out about the hold up of the presidential elections (11/28/2011) which keeps “Joseph Kabila” in power by defiance, despite the fact that he was rejected by the Congolese people who actually made a song to express their feelings before and during the elections, saying or singing: “Yaya Tshitshi zongisa ye na Rwanda” [Lingala language for“brother Tshisekedi send him back to Rwanda”].

Mr. Secretary, the arrest and the disappearance of Honorable Diomi is a gross miscarriage of justice using an unlawful and anti-democratic way to silence a political opponent. No matter how heinous the crime one is accused of, one must just not be seen again while allegations are made against the person, who happens to be a major leader of the opposition. Not just that the president of the Christian Democracy Party was kidnapped in broad day light, but the headquarters of his political party has been ransacked by uniformed and non-uniformed agents of “Joseph Kabila’s” government, who, even today, have blocked its entrance to the workers of CD.
You would agree, Mr. Secretary that these types of action are anti-democratic and just plain criminal.

“Kabila” kills, mutilates, rapes, steals, genocide, corrupts and kidnaps political opponents. With about 20,000 men force, how can MONUSCO ignore the disappearance of a political leader of the caliber of Honorable Ndongala Diomi, and not even attempt to find out whether he is still alive or not, even only just to inform his family of his status? History reminds us that President Jimmy Carter, with the leadership of former Secretary of State Henry Kissinger, saved lives of many Congolese army officers accused in a fake attempted coup against the dictator President Mobutu Sese Seko.
With this precedent, we believe, Mr. Secretary, you have the power and the ability to rescue Mr. Ndongala Diomi out of the hands of Congo’s present dictator “Joseph Kabila”.

Mr. Secretary, doing nothing here is to show to the Congolese People that you do not care indeed many lives have been snuffed by this young dictator. Let him not do it again in broad day light.
Abandoning Honorable Ndongala, whose fate already decided by Joseph Kabila, will be a very bad signal sends to young Congolese who are waiting for the opportunity to fight Joseph Kabila despotic system.

As a reminder, Mr. Secretary, May we let you know that this is not the first attempt to intimidate Honorable Diomi Ndongala by Kabila’s regime arrested him and imprisonment him in November 2010 in Bas-Congo with false accusations that were later dropped.
Then, later, they attempted to assassinate him in June 2011 in Kinshasa. In fact, everyone in Kinshasa knows that the main reason of his abduction was the planned launching of the new Popular Presidential Majority group, which was going to include 40 political parties in opposition. “Joseph Kabila” was scared to see this political platform at work.

Mr. Secretary, we are convinced that with just your word, you can request and obtain from Joseph Kabila the immediate release of Honorable Diomi Ndongala, based on his parliamentary immunity and on the presumption of his innocence, so that he can challenge, before the court of Law, whatever charges the government may have against him.
In the meantime, Mr. Secretary, receive the assurances of the highest consideration from all of us Congolese people.
Combattants Patriotes Resistants Congolais CPRC-USA
2 Majorité Présidentielle Populaire (MPP) 3 DR Congo human rights activist found dead in Kinshasa, Floribert Chebeya’s body was discovered, partially clothed, on the back seat of his own car, – June 3, 2010 4 Voire les révélations du Major Paul Mwilambwe, au journaliste Belge Louis Michel, sur les circonstances de l’assassinat de Floribert Shebeya et son Chauffeur fidele Bazana le 2 juin 2010 à Kinshasa sur commanditassions de Joseph Kabila et le Chef de la Police, le Général John Numbi. 5 Mrs. Diomi Ndongala Press conference in Kinshasa-
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  1. Lubenga Kasongo wa Mwana-Mbunda #

    Dear Patriots congolese,

    Congo our beloved country is victim of international complot. We do not have to expect a solutioin from no world’s power. We have to be together, to be united as one people if we want to kick the devil out of Congo.

    Ki moon, will never ever solve the congolese’s problem, because himself is among the congolese persecutors. Do not you remember that few months after Kanambe be present,Corea honored him by the peacemaker’s price. Ifwe can not kill kanambe and his collabos, we will cry as we can, andhe will continue to kill us in millions. Our brothers from Middle East, arabs, they can explose themselves provided they kill one of their enemis. This practice is good and will be helpful to congolese if we can be serious.

    Kanambe will never leave Congo, a rich country where people still sleeping; where citizens still loving money than their own country; where those who are at the north do not know what is going on at the East; where politicians are like kids, nothing showing their political maturity. It is a pity… They are after money day after day…they remain perpetual kids… and the country is going in invador’shands.., our mothers, sisters will be always under rwandese stupidity, our children will never be proud to declare that
    they are congolese, they will be ashamed of what the rwandese have done their to their

    We will be judged by the history all of us, collabos for betraying the country and all its people, politicians for their silence and their cupidity and the rest for lamenting without acting, a kind of soft silence…

    If we will not weaken kanambe by eliminating the collabos, we will never ever change the cours of our country’s history. We need to kill all the collabos. Our strategy has to take step on that of arabs…explosing, killing any time and wherever.



    20 août 2012

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